These photos will look familiar to anyone who has worked with Pipe Major (P/M) Sandy Hain.
His basement is a veritable museum of Scottish piping history.
Sandy was the Pipe Major of the 2nd Battalion of the Black Watch.
He received his instruction from the legendary Willie Ross at the Pipe Majors' Course at Edinburgh Castle.
These are just a few of the priceless photos which line the walls.

Sandy Hain

P/M Hain after performance with Rod Stewart Bagpipes are incorporated as part of Rod Stewart concerts.

Triple Medalist. Three piping medals won by Sandy Hain.

Sandy Pipes Out. Sandy assembling his pipes.

Sandy (far left) in chanter practice working on technique and tune memorization.

Sandy seems to have attracted the attention
of local ladies.

Pipe Major Andrew Hain, Sandy's father.

Pipe Major's Course Members of the Pipe Major's Course at the Army School of Piping.

Willie Ross
A legend in the world of piping, Willie Ross
was Sandy's instructor at the Pipe Major's Course at Edinburgh Castle.

The Black Watch at the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

In keeping with tradition, a member of
the Black Watch exchanges a drum with the
U.S. Marine. Battle honors of the Black Watch
are on the drum.

The Black Watch on parade in Burma.
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